Our Chapters

Large migrations of Armenians from Greece (1950s), Egypt (1960s), Lebanon (1970s-80s) and Syria (1980s to present day) came to Canada to find peace, prosperity and a country that believed in equality and opportunity for them and their descendants. The largest community first settled in Montréal, creating a Homenetmen chapter in 1958. Since that time seven chapters have been created, with over 1,700 members, and as of 2018, Homenetmen has a presence in Canada coast-to-coast with the inception of our Vancouver chapter. Homenetmen is proud to count itself as one of the largest youth organizations, training and developing engaged and productive citizens for tomorrow’s world. They are part of a global village, participating in Pan-Homenetmen Scout Jamborees, Scouts du Canada, Scout de Montréal and Armenian Olympics, inter-city sports leagues, countless other activities and volunteering their time to municipal, provincial and the national greater communities.